The Retreat Sri Lanka - Tea Plantation bungalows Sri Lanka - Ingiriya

A luxurious Planters Bungalow with a different..

' The Retreat ' is a luxurious ,well maintained , tastefully furnished four-bed roomed planters bungalow located in a quiet edge at Ellakanda Estate, Ingiriya.

With just one and half hour’s drive from Colombo you will reach an environment which is similar to the hill country

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In addition to the luxury accommodation, ' The Retreat ' is an ideal place for water lovers.... A Swimming pool, a natural spout, a stream with crystal clear water or bath showers with hot water awaits the guests. The choice is yours...

There is a butler and a caretaker to look after you during your stay at the bungalow. The butler who is an ex- planter's "Appu" is a specialist in preparing both Sri Lankan and western food.


The surrounding areas provide plenty of hiking, trekking and most importantly bird watching.

The area is a paradise for many migrant birds.